April Fools Day Fun

April Fools’ Day is a day marked by the carrying out of practical jokes of varying degree on friends, enemies, colleagues, and neighbors. While most April Fools’ Day pranks are taken in stride, there will always be some that elicit very strong emotional reactions. Feelings of shame and embarrassment can in some cases lead to explosive outbursts of anger.

The variety and selection of gadgets used in these practical jokes is almost as endless and varied as their purposes, and choosing the right one can seem a daunting task — from the goofy fake mustache to a pen that will give your friends a real jolt when clicked, to the proverbial whoopee-cushion placed inconspicuously on the seat of a co-worker.Other gags include replacing the washroom hand soap with one that makes your hands look dirty and black; squirting ink pens that leave temporary stains; chewing gum that tastes like rotten eggs and fake wounds that will startle even the most stolid of marks.

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